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This has been a pretty glorious week.  Besides making a pretty mean meatloaf for dinner yesterday, putting a twist on Jamaican beef patties today, and getting a new ice cream machine earlier this week, Chicago has lifted its ban on foie gras! But before I get into that, I’d first like to welcome my exactly zero readers to the first entry of my new blog!
As you can guess from the terrible pun of a name that I’ve chosen to give my blog (Do you like it? I came up with it myself.), I hope to write about my culinary and gastronomical adventures here. This is mostly so that I can keep [electronic] track of some of the places I’ve been to, and what I’ve eaten. It’s also quickly becoming cumbersome to carry my little food notebook around with me where ever I go to eat — although carrying notebooks into restaurants seems to have its perks (more on that later). Also, if my food musings bring entertainment or satisfaction to any one of my zero readers out there on the interwebs, then I suppose this makes it all worthwhile.
Okay. Back to foie gras. I was pretty happy to see this news article when I went to check my e-mail earlier this morning. I had no real reason to be happy, except because 1) I enjoy eating foie gras every now and then, and 2) a ban on a gourmet dish is, in my opinion, retarded.
Besides, if you believe in karma, foie gras eaters like me will get what’s coming to them in the end. Perhaps I’ll develop cardiovascular disease or die of a heart attack? Alternatively, if you believe in evolution, maybe ducks and geese will one day grow to massive proportions and eat people. Then, it’d be evolution AND karma. Or perhaps, if you believe in extraterrestrial life, a ginormous, mega, space-duck might come along and swallow the whole planet up. Hey, you never know . . .
That’s all for this post, kids. I promise my next post will be more interesting. I’ve got some restaurants to review! Here’s a quick preview from my trips to New Orleans: TuJague’s, Lüke, Besh Steak House, August, La Provence, Serio’s deli, Crabby Jack’s, Gumbo Shop, and more!

P.S. If you honestly believe that such world-eating mega space-ducks exist, you should be blasted off into space just like the Golgafrinchams. On the other hand, if a duck like that exists, I think I’d be less concerned about the Earth and more concerned about sampling its liver. Delicious.