Taurids and Hot Cocoa

I know

I know that's not Taurus in the background. It's Orion. It's tough coming up with relevant pictures for a blog though, especially if you're committed to providing your own photographs. Such is life, I suppose. . . .

City life sucks. I mean, I guess living in or near a city has its perks, but there are some pretty big down sides to it, too. Hell, I live in Orange. There isn’t anything in Orange. Well, there’s noise. And light pollution. Sirens. Annoying dogs. But that’s about it.

To boot, it’s been cloudy or rainy around here all this week. Yesterday was gorgeous, and today was even better.  But now it’s getting later. Now it’s dark and cold. And damnit, there are clouds. How the hell am I supposed to enjoy this meteor shower?

Maybe it won’t be so bad. I’m fortunate that the windows in my room face east. Maybe, if I sit up long enough, the clouds will disperse and I’ll get to see some of those slow-moving fireballs the Taurids are known for.

I’ve got a mix of hot cocoa here with me. It’s just 3 cups of dry milk powder, 2 cups of powdered sugar, and a cup of Dutch processed cocoa powder (Dutch processed cocoa powder is more easily dispersed in water. This is good for making hot cocoa), plus a teaspoon or two of corn starch (to prevent clumping) and a pinch of salt (to bring out the flavor), which I mixed together in a food processor for a couple of seconds. I’ve got my electric kettle here, a few bottles of water, and my lucky mug. Fill up my mug halfway with the mix, and top it off with hot water (or if I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll heat up some milk to make it extra nutritious). A dash of cinnamon, or maybe some cayenne pepper (oh yeah, baby), and I’m good to go.

And if the Taurids suck this year, there’s always the Leonids next week. . . although, I hear they’re gonna suck this year, too. Not like back in 2001. That shit was epic.

Yeah, maybe it won’t be so bad, after all. This cocoa is good. And this chair is comfortable. I might even fall asleep here tonight. Hopefully I don’t fall out of my chair.

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