Squirrels and Acorns


An article in the Washington Post caught my eye and has me a little bit worried about the future of our food supply.  It seems that acorns all over North America have seemingly all but disappeared this year.  From white oaks to red oaks to black oaks, it seems these magnificent trees simply aren’t producing acorns, which is very strange and disconcerting.  The cause is still unknown, but one theory says that perhaps it is because of the fairly wet season we had previously, which is causing the trees to not produce any acorns.  This theory seems to be pretty spurious, so hopefully a better theory will emerge.

In the meantime, it seems that many squirrels are starving to death.  In their frantic search for food to fatten up before the coming winter, squirrels are raiding bird feeders and other supplies of food.  Many run frantically out into the street and are killed by passing cars.

I personally have seen many of these squirrels die on my way to work.  They seem to be skinnier than I remember them, and I also have not seen many / any acorns around, even though there are plenty of oak trees in my area.  I’m a bit worried.

A picture taken with a point and shoot camera many, many years ago

A picture taken with a point and shoot camera many, many years ago

As far as our food supply is concerned, I’m actually more concerned about naturally raised hogs fed on acorns than I am about the squirrels, haha.  Squirrels are cute, but pork is delicious.  Pork from naturally raised hogs is supposed to be magnitudes more delicious than commercial pork, and I’ve really been meaning to get my hands on some.  I’m hoping that this acorn famine won’t affect things too much.

In the meantime, go out and buy some nuts or peanut butter, everyone.  These squirrels are starving.  I’ll be smearing what peanut butter I have left in the apartment on a tree tomorrow, and I urge others to try to do the same.  The least we can do is help, until a solution emerges.


One Response to “Squirrels and Acorns”

  1. How thoughtful of you to suggest that people feed the starving squirrels. No need for that here though. The Red Squirrels are looking pretty plump and healthy in my neck of the woods in Nova Scotia (on Canada’s East Coast). Here they rely more on the seeds from coniferous trees than oaks. I don’t have an oak tree on my property but have been meaning to check out some in the neighborhood to see if they have any acorns on them, ever since I read the Washington Post article. The squirrels in my yard enjoy sunflower seeds, especially the black oil type. These may be more inexpensive to purchase than nuts.

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