Updates and Christmas, etc.

Imperia Pasta Roller

*note: I managed to work around the picture uploading problem by uploading the picture onto my flickr account. Adding tags to this post, however, is still a problem. Either it’s WordPress or I’m just an idiot (my money’s on the latter) so as soon as things get ironed out, I will tag irresponsibly!)

I think I’m going to stop apologizing for not posting more frequently.  It’s getting old.  Besides, I have a life (albeit a sad one) and I’m sure you understand that some days are just busier than others.  It’s true.  Things get hectic sometimes.  Especially around the holidays.

Speaking of how sad my life is, I found out today that the people who work at the Williams-Sonoma in Westfield, NJ know me.  One worker, Kimberly, remembers me from when I bought my Shun Kaji 10″ chef knife (which I will blog about in the next few days, I promise.  It’s awesome enough to get its own post).  I’m pretty sure the boss, Don, remembers me from that same incident as well.

Today, I went back because Williams-Sonoma is having a sale — 20% off.  I went back to see if I could get $60 back from when I bought that $300 knife.  The woman who helped me, Sally, turned out to be the same woman I harassed helped (when trying to decide whether or not to purchase an All-Clad roasting pan) at Bed Bath and Beyond, shortly before Thanksgiving.  That was embarrassing.  I’ve even helped out a couple of customers who were looking for various items (knives, pots, nonstick pans, etc.) because I’m probably one of the biggest friggin’ dorks on the planet.  Today was no different.  A woman was looking to buy a boning knife for her husband, who goes fishing a lot.  The worker she asked admitted to knowing nothing about knives, so I volunteered to help.  See what I mean?  My life is sad.

On the upside, I was [jokingly] offered a job.

Anyway, I got my money back.  Of course, instead of doing the intelligent thing and saving it, I went ahead and bought a pasta roller (actually, in my opinion, buying a pasta roller was undoubtedly the smarter thing to do.  Who saves these days?  Honestly. . .).

Finally, I hope you all enjoy the new look to the blog.  I plan on changing the colors of the hyperlinks to green or something, instead of a very Halloween-ish orange color, but of course I suck something awful at html and CSS and all that good stuff, so it most likely will never happen.  Just imagine the orange as green, and I’ll be happy.  Until next time, to all you cooks out there:  practice your craft!  Know your shit!  And help out the poor ladies at Williams-Sonoma, looking for more info about knives.

P.S.  If anyone can guess what the picture in my header is, you get a prize!  I’m not sure how I’ll give you prizes yet, or what the prizes will be, but you’ll get a prize.  It may have to be a future-prize though, since I’m pretty broke-ish.  Maybe I’ll make you pasta or something?


5 Responses to “Updates and Christmas, etc.”

  1. Well I’m pretty sure that is a pasta-creating device of some sort, but brand and model are beyond me. I want to hear about this knife!

  2. restaurantouring Says:

    the banner! the banner! not the first pic of the post. . . . and the knife post is coming soon, i swearz.

  3. it looks like a mixer blade covered in some icing

    • restaurantouring Says:

      close! but not quite. one of my friends said it looked like a monster’s claw or something. that’s probably why i like it so much hahaha

  4. That’s a whisk, partway through making some sort of baked good. My guess is some sort of cookie or muffin.

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