Restaurant Week NYC

Restaurant week is coming back to NYC for the last two weeks of January. A list of participating restaurants can be found here. I’ve already made reservations at Centro Vinoteca, the restaurant where Leah, from Top Chef, works. At least I hope she still works there. I want to eat there out of sheer culinary curiosity, I swear. I don’t mean to be stalking her, even if it looks that way.

Yeah, there’s no way out of this one. I’ll just shut up now.


5 Responses to “Restaurant Week NYC”

  1. We went to The Post House for lunch during restaurant week last year. We were pleasantly surpised. The portions were their usual size and the staff was happy to see us. The roast beef hash is a must.

  2. restaurantouring Says:

    I’m sold. I love me some hash! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. I’m not sure I love Leah anymore. She’s been snobby. Just letting you know. I enjoy Fabio and Carla for all the weird things they say. Haha. And Stefan is kind of the man even though he’s a cocky bastard.

  4. restaurantouring Says:

    I agree. She’s been snobby, but she’s just trying to win the competition. For example, her comments about the amuse bouche quickfire challenge may have come off as snobby, but it was apt and relevant. She DID end up winning that one. Her comments may or may not have sealed her victory for that particular challenge (obviously, making the tastiest food is the best way to win cooking competitions), but it was smart of her to mention, since it demonstrates her knowledge and adherence to the rules.

    Carla kinda freaks me out sometimes, but she’s got a weird charm to her. I hope she goes far. Stefan has been slipping. Jeff with the hair has been doing better, but he’s overreaching and trying a little too hard and just coming up short. Eugene, despite my initial support, needs to leave. I hope Fabio wins, even though I’d like to see someone who is not an Italian cook win. I don’t have any problems with Italians or Italian food, per se, but at this point, I think Italian food is just too commonplace and ubiquitous, since it was the first style to be elevated to haute cuisine in America.

    (geez, that response was longer than the blog entry itself!)

    Thanks for reading, doll.

  5. […] Mexican Food at Centrico I’m starting to dislike restaurant week.  I know, I know . . . I blogged during the summer about how much I liked it, and already […]

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