Crown Palace Chinese Restaurant, Marlboro, NJ

I must be in a vengeful mood lately.  I don’t know why.  Well, that’s a lie — I know why, but it has nothing to do with food, so let’s move on.

I’ve got a real problem with this one particular New Jersey Chinese restaurant.  Actually, it’s just with this one particular waiter, who seems to have been promoted recently.  I’ll never understand why, though.  He’s rude, abrupt, inattentive, and he thinks he’s funny (he’s not).  I won’t mention names.  Suffice to say that he’s the one with the floppy haircut, almost cherubic smile, bad jokes, and he’s been working there for a few years now.

My family used to go eat there fairly often.  The quality of the food, as well as the quality of the service have all noticeably deteriorated in the past few years.  Often, salt is omitted from some of the dishes, which results in food that tastes almost like nothing.  How could you forget the salt?  Salting foods is one of the most fundamental skills in the kitchen!

They now have a wine list, which is new, but none of them seem to be particularly good.  That, and the asshat waiter might card you, ask you for a second form of identification to verify that you are, indeed, of age, persist in his quest to prove that you are not old enough to drink, and proceed to show you “how to drink wine,” by violently swirling a glass of Riesling, spilling it on your jeans, not noticing this, not apologizing, and then, finally, having the audacity to stick his nose up in your glass to take a long, disturbing sniff.

The thought still irritates me, even after these past couple of months.  We’ve not been back there since, but I have a feeling we will inevitably find ourselves at the mercy of this ignorant swine again, sooner or later.  There are only so many good Chinese restaurants in our area.

Next time, I’m going to West Lake (Google it, New Jerseyans.  West Lake is decent eatin’).

Crown Palace Chinese Restaurant is located at 8 N. Main St. in Marlboro, NJ.

West Lake Chinese Restaurant is located at 1016 State Route 34, Matawan, NJ‎.  Call ahead to reserve a table for larger parties:  (732) 290-2988


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