L’Ecole and FCI Pastry “Dessertation”

Bomboloni with caramel, chocolate, and citrus passionfruit sauces

Howdy, people of the internets! It’s been a while!

Went to eat at L’Ecole tonight with a fellow food fan and friend. Followed that up by meeting up with some coworkers of mine for FCI’s Pastry school’s “Evening of Desserts.” I called it a dessertation because I think I am clever when I am being lame. Plus, I loooooove bad puns! Love ’em!

I’ll embed pics here as soon as Flickr decides to play nice and upload my junk, so you’ll have to settle for Facebook‘s crappier, lo-res versions + wonkier colors. These are all uneditted and straight out of my camera, so please excuse the poor quality and my laziness — I’ll get around to it eventually!

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